Mattei Group launches new RVR series compressor range | RailBusinessDaily

2022-10-28 10:02:31 By : Ms. Lillian Liang

Mattei Group, the Italy-based Rotary Vane compressor company, has launched its NEW RVR Series Compressor range, which provides significant improvements in operation and performance over other compressor technologies installed on rolling stock vehicles today.

The product has been designed specifically to address the complete on-board requirements of rail and road by developing a range of compressors which is based on Mattei’s well-proven and established Industrial rotary vane range. Screw Air Compressor Dryer

Mattei Group launches new RVR series compressor range | RailBusinessDaily

The RVR Series is made up of five frame models (RVR01 through to RVR05), and each model has a range of flow displacements designed to meet the growing need for small Streetcar vehicles right up to the Heavy Class 1 type locomotives, satisfying every permutation of rail/road vehicle in operation today. 

Should the demand for compressed air be even greater, Mattei has the capability to scale up the design to meet any flow requirements.

The new design utilises the existing frame profile and incorporates rugged and robust componentry suited for use in the most arduous of operating environments: brass and plastic components have been replaced with steel and stainless steel parts. As the RVR Series is a true global solution for on-board applications, it has been designed to meet the temperature ranges and requirements of both the Northern & Southern hemispheres, while not forgetting exotic temperatures closer the equator. (Standard -15/+45deg.C, Winter Pack -40/+45deg.C and Extreme Pack -55/+60deg.C).

This will provide the user with a “One Stop Shop” for any size of compressor, matched to meet specific on-board compressed air requirements, while offering the ability to meet the further needs of BS ISO 4975:2022 Air Quality Standards. 

Mattei can offer the RVR Series compressor with any configuration of air treatment, whether free standing or built into an Air Generation & Treatment Unit (AGTU) cassette/raft, matching the precise on-board space envelope requirements of the vehicle. Together with our IRIS certification for our dedicated Rail activity, the strength of our products allows Mattei Group to compete on a level playing field with our peers in both Rail and Transit projects/applications. 

To understand Mattei’s commitment to the Rail & Road Industry, The Mattei Rail & Transportation (R&T) Division welcome you at this year’s Innotrans 2022 Exhibition at the Messe Berlin Exhibition Centre in Germany, in Hall 1.2 Stand 201, where the new RVR Series models RVR01, RVR03 & RVR05 will be on display, together with a selection of Air Generation & Treatment Units (AGTUs). The stand will be supported by the R&T team to provide you with details of all aspects of the RVR product portfolio and ready to answer any questions you may have on this rapidly expanding and developing market sector. 

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Mattei Group launches new RVR series compressor range | RailBusinessDaily

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