2000L/hour water treatment machine, water treatment plant, RO water plant

2000L/Hour Water treatment machine, Water treatment plant, RO water plantFeatures and Advantages1.  Automatic control*Run and produce water continuously, high degree automation*Automatic backwash and manual backwash*Automatic switch on when low water level, and switch off when high water level 2. Protection*Water short

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2000L/Hour Water treatment machine, Water treatment plant, RO water plant
2000L/Hour Water Treatment Machine, Water Treatment Plant, RO Water Plant

Features and Advantages
1.  Automatic control
*Run and produce water continuously, high degree automation
*Automatic backwash and manual backwash
*Automatic switch on when low water level, and switch off when high water level
 2. Protection
*Water shortage protection for multi-stage pump
*Protection when no voltage, under-voltage, over-current, short circuit and creepage
 3. Intelligent design
*Full stainless steel structure, durable and easy to clean.
*Fiber grass, good corrosion resistance and cost-effective
*Integrating water flow indicator, conductivity indicator, pressure indicator, control panel
4.Brand advantages
 *China Top Brand or world famous brand electrical, switch and valve systems
*Core components of RO system are imported, USA Filmtec Dow membranes

Application fields:
1)Electronic industry, semiconductor industry ultrapure water treatment
2)Chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry pure water treatment
3)Food, beverage, drinking water, bottled drinking water, sachet/pouch packing pure drinking water treatment
4)Electroplating and leather industry waste water treatment
5)Brackish water desalination, sea water desalination, metallurgy and light industry pure water treatment
6)Cosmetic products, car battery, liquid fertilizer production pure water treatment
7)Edible cube ice, tube ice etc.
8)School, hotel, hospital, laboratory, surface treatment, hydraulic test, industrial boiler, power station boiler, high pressure boiler water treatment

2000L/Hour Water Treatment Machine, Water Treatment Plant, RO Water Plant

1. Manual or automatic control
2. Desalination rate more than 97%
3. PLC control
4. CE certificate

1>. What is reverse osmosis/RO water equipment?
RO water treatment equipment is adopt the reverse osmosis technique. Reverse osmosis/RO is one of the advance technology for water purification in modern, raw water such as tap water, well water, borehole water, brackish water, sea water ect. Through the pretreatment then pass the reverse osmosis system, the pure water completely in line with international standards for drinking water. It widely applied to electronics, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, medical, food, beverages, alcohol, chemical industry, environmental protection and other industries.

2>. The process of RO Filtration System:

Raw water-- Raw water tank --Raw water pump --Quartz sand filter-- Active carbon filter-- Security filter-- high pressure pump-- RO system--Pure water tank-- UV/Ozone --Pure Water
2000L/Hour Water Treatment Machine, Water Treatment Plant, RO Water Plant

1). Raw water pump-- provide the pressure to filter
2). Quartz filter-- get rid of turbidity, suspend solid, colloid, etc.
3). Active Carbon filter--Remove the color, chlorine, organic matter, etc.
4). Security filter--prevent any deposition of large Particles, most of the bacteria, and viruses into the UF membrane and RO membrane, The accuracy is 5um, for holding back any large particulates such as large iron, dust, suspended matter, impurity.
6). High pressure pump-- provide enough pressure so that make sure enough water for satisfying designed production capacity.
7). RO (reverse osmosis) system--desalination rate can reach as high as 99%, it is capable of removing over 99% of ions, bacteria, particles and 98% of organic
8). UV/ozone--kill the bacteria
    S/N.  Commodity           name                        Application               Remark
1Raw water tankStore water, buffering pressure, overcome instability of supplying water by pipe, ensure to supply water stably and continuously for whole systemCustomer provide for themselves, because big size will result in expensive freight.
2Raw water pump or called booster pumpProvide needed pressure for every pretreatment filterWe can provide CNP pumps or Grundfos pumps
3Mechanical filter or called quartz sand filter or sand filterWe use fiber glass or stainless steel vessel as housing, fill quarts sand, it can filter big particles impurities, suspended substances, colloids etc. 
4Activated carbon filterWe use fiber glass or stainless steel vessel as housing, fill activated carbon, remove color, odor, residual chlorine and organics substances. 
5Water softener, demineralizer, or called Na+ exchangerAdopt cation resin to soften water, cation resin will absorb Ca2+, Mg2+(main elements for composing scale), reduce hardness of raw water, System can make resin intelligently regenerate, recycling 
6Security filter or pp filter, or called PP sediment filterprevent large particles, bacteria, viruses into RO membrane, accuracy is 5µm 
7High pressure pumpProvide needed working pressure for RO system, ensure production capacity of pure water.CNP pump, Grundfos optional
8RO(reverse osmosis) systemCan remove particles, colloids, organic impurities, heavy metal ions, bacteria, virus, heat source etc. harmful substances and 99% dissolved salts.RO membranes USA Filmtec Dow

3>. The feature of water treatment equipment:

1). Can production water continuously and highly automatic
2). No need the chemical regeneration, easy operation
3). RO system choose the import USA DOW membrane
4). Automatic switch on when low water level, and switch off when high water level
5). RO membrane can backwash automatic and reduce thepollution.
6). Water shortage protection for multi-stage pump
7). Porduction water condutivity meter can test the monitoring quality on line contionuosly.
8). Low operation Cost and Long life span
9). It is PC program controller
10). Easily control and Maintained.
11). Auto membrane flushing
12). Environmental protection, Low power consumption
13) Auto flush/backwash
14) Low /high pressure protection
2000L/Hour Water Treatment Machine, Water Treatment Plant, RO Water Plant

Description of this ro water system
Reverse Osmosis or (RO) can be described as a procedure whereby pure water and contaminants is divided via a semi-permeable membrane(s) with very fine pores. This method is a necessary technique employed in the majority of water purification systems. Reverse Osmosis is considered to be a highly effective approach to eliminating water impurities, such as Toxic Heavy Metals i.e. Lead and Radium, Mercury, Chlorinated Pesticides, organic matters, Turbidity & Dissolved Solids, bacteria, virus.

RO system is widely used in water treatment, purification for tap water, well water, underground water, borehole salty water, brackish water and seawater, pure water and ultra-pure water production. Application area such as, food processing, bottled drinking water, home use drinking water, power stations, electronic industries, cosmetics production, pharmaceuticals manufactories, and medical treatment(such as hemodialysis). It is a key equipment for pure water plant and ultrapure water equipment.
Different water TDS compare and usage
Usage/Source WaterBottled water, bag WaterCity WaterBrackish waterSea Water
TDS Range2-10ppm100-1000ppm2000-20,000ppm20,000-40,000ppm
Direct DrinkingYesYes/NoNoNo
Cooking, human consumption, washingYesYesNoNo
Irrigation, industry, animal drinkingYesYesNoNo
 Replacement time of consumable partsThere are several kinds of consumables you need to replace regularly. 
a. Quartz sand: replaced about every 15 months. 50kg/bag 
b. Activated carbon: replaced about every 15 months. 25kg/bag 
c. Resin: replaced about every 15 months. 25L/bag 
d. PP Filter cartridge: replaced about every 1 month 
e. Ro membrane: replaced about every 2 years
We suggest customers buy 1- 2 years of PP filter cartridges together with machine. Because these PP filter cartridges need to be replaced every month.
 After-sale ServiceThe above machine which we supply it to you, we can give you one year after sales warranty, we can also send our engineer to your factory to install this equipment and train your staff, but the buyer should pay the round air tickets cost and arrange the hotel accommodation as well as the food for seller's engineer. We will send some spare parts to you for free for replacement. Such as activated carbon, sand, pp filter cartridges etc. We will also write emails to remind you to replace the filters and rinse, backwash sand filter and carbon filter.

4>the capacity we can supply:
ModelFlow rate (L/h)Power(KW)Water use efficiencyRO membrane        Dimension          
L X W X H(mm)
KYRO-2502501.5≥ 15%40401550X620X1670
KYRO-5005001.5≥ 50%40401650X630X1800
KYRO-7507502.5≥ 50%40401870X 630 X 1850
KYRO-100010002.5≥ 50%40401870X 650 X 1850
KYRO-200020003.5≥ 50%4040  2440X650X1750    
(host machine)
KYRO-300030004≥ 50%40402440X620X1850 (host machine)
KYRO-500050007.5≥ 50%BW30-4002000X900X1800 (host machine)
KYRO-600060009.5≥ 60%BW30-4003000X900X1800 (host machine)
KYRO-8000800013.5≥ 60%BW30-4003000×900×1800 (host machine)
KYRO-9000900014≥ 60%BW30-4004000X900X1800 (host machine)
KYRO-10T10T/H19≥ 60%BW30-4003000X900X1800 (host machine)
KYRO-12T12T/H19.5≥ 60%BW30-4004000X900X1800 (host machine)
KYRO-15T15T/H23≥ 60%BW30-4004000X900X1950 (host machine)
KYRO-20T20T/H28≥ 60%BW30-4005000X900X1950 (host machine)
KYRO-30T30T/H55≥ 60%BW30-4007000X900X1950 (host machine)
KYRO-50T50T/H58≥ 75%BW30-4007000X1500X2100(host machine)


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